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Jerry O'Connell's Kids Are Not Fans Of 'When Doves Cry' [VIDEO]

Jerry O’Connell has been giving the world some fantastic “I’m a cool dad” content on social media lately. The social post we’re shining the spotlight on today was created on October 18th but since it’s on the internet, it will probably exist (and embarrass his children) forever. Ya see, Jerry is a...
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This Pop Warner Football Player's Pre-Game Pump Up Speech Is Incredible [VIDEO]

No offense to Russell Wilson but this dude might be the greatest leader on any level of football right now. Sure, he’s like 8 years-old and 4 foot tall but he has the heart of a lion. Listen to the fire in his speech. Got goosebumps? Yeah, me too. I haven’t put on pads in 17 years but this guy has...
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50 Cent Wouldn't Let Wendy Williams Into His Party [VIDEO]

50 Cent and Wendy Williams won’t be celebrating holidays together any time soon. As a matter of fact, outside of Ja Rule and Young Buck, Wendy is probably Fif’s favorite target to troll. The beef isn’t all one-sided. Wendy has held her own and dished it out right back at him in the past. A few...
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