Check Out The New Adidas UW Football Uniforms! [PIC]

The new UW football uniforms are here! They aren’t all that different so you might not notice the changes at first glance. The tweak that stands out most to me is the purple-on-purple shoulder stripes replacing last year’s black trim on the home uniforms. Again, not a major change but there wasn’t...
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Apple Cup 2017 - Who You Got?

The Apple Cup kicks off at 5:30pm on Saturday and will air on FOX. The Huskies and the Cougs are both wrapping up good, not great, seasons. The only team playing for "something" is WSU as they still have a chance to lock up the Pac 12 North by sticking it to the Dawgs. The Huskies enter the game...
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U Dub WR John Ross Breaks 40 Yard Dash Record at NFL Combine!

2016 was a fantastic year to be a Huskies football fan. "Jake Browning to John Ross." That's a phrase we heard a lot over the season and it eventually helped the Dawgs make an appearance in the 2nd year of the College Football Playoffs. I was hanging in The Zone at one of the games early in the...
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