T.I. Lists Who He Thinks Are The Top 50 Greatest Rappers [PIC]

Jordan or Lebron? MJ or Prince? Whitney or Mariah? The Rock or Stone Cold? Arguing what or who is the “best” at anything is fun, but pointless. Opinions are like armpits – everyone has them. Saying someone or something is the best is just that, an opinion. Some peoples’ opinions carry a little more...
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Kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian Was In A Tupac Video When She Was 14 [Video]

Kim Kardashian revealed on her best friend, Jonathan Cheban's podcast that she was once in a Tupac music video. 14-year-old Kim lied about her age and ended up in the 'All About You' music video. #KimKardashian reveals in her friend Jonathan Cheban’s podcast that she was once featured in a #Tupac...
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Tupac + Afeni Shakur 'Outlaw' Docuseries Coming To FX

Allen Hughes directed the excellent HBO miniseries, ‘The Defiant Ones,’ profiling the relationship between Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. With his next project, he’ll be tackling another hip hop legend – Tupac. Earlier this year Hughes gained access to poetry and writings along with released and...
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Tupac Groupie Forced To Leave Job [Pics]

Tupac doesn't inspire all I guess!
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Tupac's Prison I.D. From 1995 Is Up For Sale [Pic]

How much would you bid for it?
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Tupac Argument Turns Violent

Although this seems like a very childish argument, these debates about rappers get very heated! I know from experience! Seriously! My sister called the cops on myself and my brother-in-law (her husband) for arguing over if Jay Z was the greatest or not. We didn't get physical or anything, but it...
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Gift Idea For Hip Hop Lover: Tupac 20th Anniversary Greatest Hits Merch

Get G’d up from the feet up this holiday season! Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the hip hop lover in your life? Here it is. Tupac’s estate was posting some cryptic stuff on social media last week. Fans started speculating and salivating at the prospect of some unreleased music dropping...
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Tupac Shakur from the film Poetic Justice.

Tupac's Got 2 New Albums Coming

This is a nice surprise -- we're definitely down for some unreleased Tupac.
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Trailer Released For New Tupac + Biggie Movie

I never thought I’d say this (since I love them both) but maybe, just maybe, there are TOO many projects about Tupac and Biggie already out there or in the works. We’ve seen different docu-series and specials about the them on networks like A&E and Fox, Pac’s biopic was just in theaters over...
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Late rapper Tupac Shakur and iconic singer Madonna

Jailhouse Letter From Tupac Explains Split With Madonna

A jailhouse letter that will hit the auction block later this month reveals details of the relationship between the late Tupac Shakur and his one-time love Madonna . The iconic rapper was apparently concerned about his image, writing that Madonna being seen with a black man wouldn't jeopardize her...
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