Hip Hop In Video Games - Remember When Nelly Was In NBA Street Vol. 2? [VIDEO]

I’m going to drop these blogs combining two of my favorite things (hip hop and video games) from time to time on slow news days. The two worlds have collided, with many rappers making cameos or appearing as playable characters in a bunch of video games over the years - so each blog will highlight...
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Throwback Video - ODB Takes A Limo To Pick Up Food Stamps On MTV

The Wu-Tang Clan were the first hip hop group I fell in love with. Each song had so many sounds and so many styles. Their music put my brain in a pretzel and I couldn’t get enough. I felt a connection to them on a personal level too. They came together in Staten Island and I was born less than 20...
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Throwback Video - Snoop Dogg Vs. MSG Crowd At 1995 Source Awards

Diddy referenced Suge Knight calling him out at the 1995 Source Awards in an IG video with Snoop Dogg the other day. Obviously, Snoop and Puff have made amends over the years, but the East Coast/West Coast rivalry was heated in 95 and Death Row artists were on top of the rap world. No offense to...
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