Snoop Dogg's Crazy Thanksgiving Cooking Tips

Would you trust Snoop Dogg with the cooking on Thanksgiving Day? After reading this blog your answer will be a firm “hell yes” or “hell no.” There’s no in between here. First of all – did you even know Snoop could cook? I mean, I knew he was friends with Martha Stewart but just because you’re...
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Snoop Dogg Breaks Guinness World Record For Biggest Gin & Juice Cocktail!

These days Snoop is more synonymous with the chronic but don’t get it twisted. He still messes with that gin and juice! He was at a music festival in Napa Valley over Memorial Day weekend with his old partner in crime Warren G and Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio breakin’ records, son! When I say...
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Behind the Lens: The Golden Age of Hip Hop [PART 1]

Between its ever-evolving impact on culture and its lasting effect on music, hip-hop is among the world's most vital American contributions. And while it's been said that jazz is the one, true American art form, we would argue that the same should be said about rap. Outsiders, rebels, artists who...
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