Can These Shoes Making Listening To Music at Home Seem Like You're at a Show?

The future of music is on your feet. At least that’s what sneaker company DropLabs hopes will be the case, releasing their EP 01 shoes that simultaneously vibrate to the music in your headphones.
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In-N-Out Dipping Toes Into Footwear

In-N-Out has a cult following... for its burgers. Now, the owners of the beloved west coast chain believe people don't just want to eat their products, they may want to wear them too. The burger business recently unveiled its latest sartorial offering: laceless, slip-on sneakers with the company's...
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Michael Jordan Sneakers Up For Auction

What if I told you that you could own a piece of Michael Jordan? Ok maybe not a piece of him. A piece of his sneaker collection. How much would you pay for it? Well if you're interested you're gonna have to PAY up. Like $100,000! A pair of 33-year-old sneakers that were worn by Michael Jordan in...
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