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Mark Davis / Staff

UPDATED* COVID-19 Virtual Relief Concert With Sir Mix-a-Lot & More

A long list of Seattle musicians will be joining!
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Legends Live

Watch Legends Live: Sir Mix-a-Lot

Sir Mix-a-Lot joined us for our first Legends Live on instagram!
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Masked singer

Who Was Behind The Mask Rapping 'Baby Got Back' [Video]

This was the biggest surprise of all!
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Sir Mix-a-lot

Sir Mix-A-Lot's 'Ass Pack', Latest Edition To Cards Against Humanity! [Video]

Not only did the creators of Cards Against Humanity come out with a new ' Friends' edition, but also have a new 'Ass Pack' edition, and Seattle's very own Sir Mix-A-Lot is the official spokesperson for the latest deck! Video of Cards Against Humanity Ass Pack Just in time for the holidays! We've...
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Jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston Sings 'Baby Got Back' [Video]

Supported by I'm sure Jennifer Aniston is sick of getting asked questions about Friends but we aren't sick of it! She and Reese Witherspoon have been doing press for their new show on Apple TV+, The Morning Show and while on The Graham Norton Show Jennifer was asked to do some...
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Happy Birthday Sir Mix-A-Lot

How does Mix spend his Birthday? (because it's Summer) ..on Tour. When I started posting up Happy Birthday to Mix I started thinking how much his music and lyrics help me get through school and those tough/awkward days growing up and going through middle and Highschool. Music can play such a big...
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It's almost sold out...

There's only 40 or so tickets left for The Clear Water Casino Sir Mix-A-Lot and Tone Loc Concert on 11/1/19. Sir Mix-A-lot will be giving you a Northwest Hip Hop History lesson on where he was when he produced "My Posse on Broadway" to "Buttermilk Bisquit" to "Baby Got Back". Sir Mix-A-Lot is a...
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Sir Mix-A-Lot and Tone Loc are coming....

80's Old School Party with HOT 103.7 and Sir Mix-A-Lot + Tone Loc LIVE! Last time Mix was at Clear Water Casino it SOLD OUT so don't miss this party! Get Ticket NOW at:
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Sir Mix-A-Lot's Farewell Announcement [Video]

This isn't a goodbye, but a see ya later!
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The Making of Posse On Broadway [Video]

The music genesis behind 'Posse On Broadway!'
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