Which Seahawks End zone Dance Was Better NSYNC Or New Edition? [Video]

Supported by Not only did the Settle Seahawks get a HUGE win last night but they also won the internet with another epic end zone dance! Back in October the boys celebrated a touchdown with a classic boyband dance from NSYNC with 'Bye Bye Bye.' Bye -- bye -- bye -- A post shared by...
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Bloody Mary

Check Out These Blue And Green Game Day Specials!

Get all the best deals for game day!
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Seahawks Introduce Collectible Gameday Posters For Home Games [PIC]

The Seahawks are introducing some cool collectibles this year. For each home game, they’ll release a new gameday poster that will include the date, opponent and an original design (local artists will be designing the posters). The first poster for the Bengals game is available now through the...
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Blue and Green Time

Last night got me fired up for the Seaso - we looked hungry and you felt the fire. Love to watch pre-season as you see some hungry players battle for those key positions as the coaches knock down from 100 to 53 players. It was also cool to see Russ rock the headset and make some play-calls from the...
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Did you see our Boys in Blue and Green last Night?

It was crazy watching the Pre-Season Game last night (I liked the outcome) in August and seeing the Hawks in Bothell for Summer Training Camp last weekend - they're offically back and I'm fired up! How are you feeling about the 2019/2020 season?
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Russ was in my hood

#3 Russel Wilson was in Bothell (end of Lake City) this past weekend with the entire team for an "on the road" Summer Camp Training. It was a blast hanging with my guy Frank and his son Alex. A lot of the players hung out and signed autographs + Russ and Ciara were in da building (or on the field...
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Russell Wilson Bought His Mom A House For Mother's Day! [VIDEO]

Russell Wilson has been doing his best Santa Claus impression the past couple of weeks. It started after he signed a big money contract extension with the Seahawks when he gifted each of his offensive linemen $12,000 in Amazon stock. Then, just last week, he surprised Ciara with a sweet Mother’s...
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Seahawks 2019 Preseason Schedule Announced

The NFL offseason is even more exciting from a headline standpoint than the regular season itself. So much movin’ and shakin’. More drama than Days of our Lives. You’ve got free agency, trades, staff and ownership changes etc. Then of course there’s the draft. The Hawks have the 21st pick in the...
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Get The Seatown Weekend Lowdown

What is everyone doing on the first weekend of 20-19?
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Will Richard Sherman Get Cheered Or Booed At CenturyLink Field?

Richard Sherman is back in town! His 49ers are in the Emerald City to take on the smokin’ hot Seahawks. Is there a chance San Fran wins this game? NOPE! Absolutely not. I totally understand Sherm moving his career to the Bay was a (smart) business decision but it has to suck playing for, arguably,...
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