Netflix Signed A Deal With Nickelodeon!

It looks like Netflix isn't going anywhere! Just one day after Disney+ launches, Netflix announced that they reached a multi-year deal to develop new properties and reboot old favorites from Nickelodeon ! Netflix's VP of original animation stated, "Nickelodeon has generated scores of characters...
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First Look At Selena: The Series On Netflix [Video]

Netflix has finally given us a preview of the Selena series that will be out in 2020! Video of Introducing Christian Serratos as Selena Quintanilla. Christian Serratos from The Walking Dead will be portraying the late Queen of Tejano. The series will chronicle a young Selena Quintanilla and her...
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The 10 Most Popular Shows And Movies On Netflix

I’m a huge scary movie fan so I love firing up spooky films and shows in October. Tis the season, after all. Netflix does a pretty good job stocking up on seasonal fair. Their Halloween “Netflix and Chills” content is better than decent. I would highly recommend season 2 of their true story...
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Trailer For Netflix Hip Hop Competition Show 'Rhythm + Flow' [VIDEO]

Netflix is flirting with the idea of moving away from dumping full seasons of their shows at once. It’s kind of a bummer for binge-watchers like me but, hey, if the show is great? Then it’ll be worth looking forward to every week and all will be forgiven. One of the shows releasing in the weekly...
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Things That Didn't Exist When 'Friends' Premiered 25 Years Ago [LIST]

The 25th anniversary of “Friends” is on Sunday. Do me a favor while you’re binge watching episodes this weekend to celebrate, ok? Think of ALL the things that didn’t exist when the show first premiered. It’s wild to think about how different the world is now compared to then. Open YouTube (which...
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Get Paid To Binge Watch 'Friends'

Are you a 'Friends' super fan?
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Trailer For Christina Milian's Netflix Movie 'Falling Inn Love' [VIDEO]

Add Christina Milian to the list of women who refuse to age. Granted she’s still just 37-years-old but it feels like she’s been around forever and she looks better than ever. The last time I heard her name was a little over 5 years ago when she popped up on Dancing with the Stars. Turns out she’s...
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See Eddie Murphy's First Trailer For 'Dolemite Is My Name' [Video]

Eddie Murphy is returning to the small screen!
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Never Netflix Cheat Again With This Contract!

Netflix cheating is a big deal breaker!
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Jamie Foxx Does An Incredible Impression Of Dave Chappelle [WATCH]

There’s a new debate on twitter: Who’s more talented – Jamie Foxx or Donald Glover? It’s senseless. Kinda like comparing apples to apples, in my opinion. Perhaps that’s what makes the debate so interesting. The fact their careers are so similar. Check out the tale of the tape: Both stand-up...
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