Michael Jackson

Performer Michael Jackson is shown in concert Oct. 24, 1988, in Auburn Hills, Mich.

Coming to Broadway: Michael Jackson, The Musical

The life and times of the King of Pop will soon play out on broadway! Get all the details on Michael Jackson: The Musical.
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WATCH: Jason Derulo Decides Which 1 Has 2 Go

Which one would you pick? Jason Derulo played the latest game of '1 Has 2 Go' recently with Billboard . During several rounds, the "If I'm Lucky" singer had to choose from the three items presented to him. We learn a lot about Derulo in the new video and no, it wasn't easy for him to make some of...
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Watch Lifetime's Michael Jackson Biopic "Searching For Neverland" Trailer

Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, and now... The King of Pop. Lifetime has had a successful string of biopic's about celebrities in recent years and now they're tackling, arguably, the biggest star in the history of music. "Searching For Neverland" is based on a book by two of Michael...
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Trailer For Lifetime's Michael Jackson's Biopic

Lifetime has become the go-to channel for biopics lately and of course they wouldn't miss the opportunity to run a Michael Jackson movie. Don't get too excited. The movie is actually an unauthorized version of Michael's last years including his drug problem that eventually lead to his death. The...
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Our 7 Favorite Rapping and Singing Siblings

Okay everyone, grab your sisters and brothers because April 10th is National Sibling Day! While some of us are taking the time to celebrate our best friend/biggest pain in our butt, we're also taking a look at the most musical set of siblings we can think of. So, in no particular order, here our 7...
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