Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch Officially Signs With Raiders

Today is a bittersweet day for 12's. Beast Mode is OFFICIALLY going home - not his home away from home, his "home" home. After coming to terms on a new contract and swapping draft picks in the 2018 draft, Marshawn Lynch is an Oakland Raider. Thanks for the memories, Marshawn! (NSFW language below)...
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Marshawn Lynch Smacks Phone Out Of Fan's Hand At LAX

Celebrities and athletes are real people too. Marshawn Lynch's public persona may be fun and playful, but he has bad days too. Was this one of them? Maybe. When it comes to spotting a celeb, I usually take a few things into consideration before violating their privacy (even from afar, taking video...
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Marshawn Lynch Visits Scotland To Promote #SB51

What's Beast Mode been up to now that he's retired? Well, first of all, he's talking more. A LOT more. Not only does he seem to be enjoying retirement, he seems to be loving it. He teamed up with the peeps at Skittles (his fav) to visit Houston to promote #SB51. Not that Houston. Houston, Scotland...
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