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9-Year-Old Who Got In Trouble For Doodling Now Draws For A Restaurant [Pics]

9-year-old Joe Whale loves to draw and was consistently getting in trouble in class for doodling. Although the school was trying to do their job, Joe's parents embraced his talents and his passion for drawing so they decided to send him to an after school art class. His teacher loved his doodles so...
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How Much The Tooth Fairy Pays Per Tooth In Each US State

Most people are born with 20 baby teeth that eventually fall out of their face over time. Those chompers usually bring a cash reward courtesy of the Tooth Fairy, but apparently the price of mouth bones vary by state. A website called did a poll to calculate the average price per...
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When the sun is out my kid likes to explore...

Do you ever notice when the sun is out in The PNW your kid(s) will start to explore (without permission) like they're a cat that's seeing the outside world for the first time. A week ago my son and I were at The M's Game and I started talking to someone next to me while he (my 9yr old son) decided...
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Mom Let 10-Year-Old Son Get A Tattoo Because He "Wanted It" [Video]

10-years-old is a littel too young!
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Facial Recognition In Schools Is Causing Privacy Questions

Facial recognition technology is part of increased security but kids privacy is now a debate.
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