Little Boy LOVE The Toy Store!

This little guy can't contain his excitement at the toy store. Watching this will definitely make you say, "Me when I was a kid." Video of Cute Boy Loves the Toy Store
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Kid Shaves Off His Eyebrows - Mom's Reaction Is Hysterical

This little rebel got bored (I assume?) and decided to entertain himself by shaving off his eyebrows. Mom's solution was to draw some new ones on for him. I personally don't think they look that bad - little dude is not too pleased, though lol. Video of Mom Has Epic Lesson For Kid Who Shaved Off...
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You'll Never Guess Why This 5-Year-Old Called 911 On His Dad

You'll never guess why this little guy called 911 to snitch on his dad! Luckily the operator and father found the humor in the situation. Video of 6 year old calls 9-1-1
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