Johnny Depp

The House from ‘Edward Scissorhands’ Is on the Market for $244,000

You can live in the old stomping ground of “Edward Scissorhands.” One of the homes featured in the 1990 film starring Johnny Depp is currently on the market for just under a quarter of a million dollars
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Tim Burton's 'Sleepy Hollow' Is 20! 6 Facts That Will Make Your Head Roll

It's a wonder it took so long for Tim Burton to make his first proper horror movie "Sleepy Hollow." Although it has flown under the radar against the backdrop of the director's colorfully grotesque oeuvre, the 1999 film still holds up today, both as a standalone horror film, as well as the...
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First Trailer Drops For Biggie Murder Investigation Movie 'City of Lies' Starring Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker

When I first ready that Johnny Depp was starring in a movie about the Biggie murder investigation I threw up in my mouth a little. I love Johnny. He’s a great actor. Don’t believe me? Watch “Cry Baby” and try to change my mind. The problem with the Deppster aside from (allegedly) being a jerk to...
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