Ja Rule

Ja Rule Was Asked To Say 3 Nice Things About 50 Cent [VIDEO]

I don’t think anyone hates anything more than Ja Rule hates 50 Cent. I hate Seattle traffic, but not as much as Ja Rule hates 50 Cent. I hate going to the dentist, but not as much as Ja Rule hates 50 Cent. I hate stepping on Legos, but not as much as Ja Rule hates 50 Cent. Ja appeared on an episode...
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Ashanti And Ja Rule Set To Work On Joint Album

Jay Z and Beyon- excuse me. “The Carters” dropped a surprise joint album that debuted at #2 on the Billboard charts. Jay and Bey are a natural hip hop and r&b pairing built for success. They’re both on the Mount Rushmore of their respective genres. They’ve each sold about 38 billion records...
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Ja Rule Will Name Drop for $450

The talked about Fyre Festival drama that happened earlier reveals even more detail about it's relationship with Ja Rule . Apparently the festival creator attempted to make more cash by 'selling' name drops in Ja Rule's new song, for $450 a drop!
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Rapper 50 Cent

50 Cent Takes Shot at Ja Rule on Instagram

Perhaps you've heard about that ill-fated concert-vacation-event in the Bahamas called the Fyre Festival ? Well, rapper 50 Cent certainly has. The event was a somewhat confusingly and haphazardly put together luxury music festival -- or so it was billed -- promoted by social media stars and models...
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