Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies Are Now Being Sold Online Nationwide

After their decision to suspect all in-person events to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Girl Scouts USA announced that their beloved cookies can be purchased online nationwide.
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Chrissy Teigen Gives Brutally Honest Review of Girl Scout Cookies

Chrissy Teigen has given her brutal review of Girl Scout Cookies. Based on her rankings, it’s safe to say Teigen is not on Team Samoa or Team Thin Mints.
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A Definitive Ranking of All the Girl Scout Cookies

Not all Girl Scout Cookies are created equal. Some, like Thin Mints, are pure heaven. Others -- cough, shortbread, cough -- leave something to be desired. Keep in mind, results may vary depending on where you live, since the Scouts employ two bakers who supply different cookies to different regions...
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