Brandy's Health Scare

Singer Brandy scared many this past weekend when she had to be removed from a flight from L.A. to New York City after falling unconscious. The paramedics were called onto the scene and she regained consciousness before being taken to the hospital. Brandy’s team later released a statement stating...
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Brandy addresses pregnancy rumors

It started with an Instagram photo, innocently enough. Brandy posted a picture with the caption, "I can finally see you in me" with a 'protruding belly.' Since posted, her fans have been pressing for an answer as to when the baby will be born. Then, Brandy herself wrote a note clarifying that she...
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Brandy Norwood at The World Premiere of "A Haunted House 2" in Los Angeles, CA

Brandy's Daughter Trolls Fans Over Pregnancy Rumors

There must be something in the water because it seems like everyone who's anyone is getting pregnant lately, which only improves the odds that a mysterious Brandy Instagram post means she's expecting child number two. In the post, the singer thanked God and promised to chill with the clap backs...
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Our 7 Favorite Rapping and Singing Siblings

Okay everyone, grab your sisters and brothers because April 10th is National Sibling Day! While some of us are taking the time to celebrate our best friend/biggest pain in our butt, we're also taking a look at the most musical set of siblings we can think of. So, in no particular order, here our 7...
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