Baby Got Back

Masked singer

Who Was Behind The Mask Rapping 'Baby Got Back' [Video]

This was the biggest surprise of all!
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Jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston Sings 'Baby Got Back' [Video]

Supported by I'm sure Jennifer Aniston is sick of getting asked questions about Friends but we aren't sick of it! She and Reese Witherspoon have been doing press for their new show on Apple TV+, The Morning Show and while on The Graham Norton Show Jennifer was asked to do some...
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Happy Birthday Sir Mix-A-Lot

How does Mix spend his Birthday? (because it's Summer) ..on Tour. When I started posting up Happy Birthday to Mix I started thinking how much his music and lyrics help me get through school and those tough/awkward days growing up and going through middle and Highschool. Music can play such a big...
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Happy 25th Birthday To Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back!"

“Go Baby, it’s ya birthday!” The “Baby” in this case, is the one who got back. Your hometown boy, Sir Mix-A-Lot “gave birth” to his hit song exactly 25 years ago on Sunday, May 7th. How did he come up with the song? In an interview with VLAD TV, he explains he was inspired by a former flame who was...
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