Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer shares shocking moment when son says 'dad' for the first time

Schumer took to Instagram on Sunday with the moment of shock when she asked her 16-month-old son Gene David to say the word “dad,” and he immediately parroted the word back to her.
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Amy Schumer Reveals She's Been Diagnosed With Lyme Disease

Amy Schumer reveals she’s been diagnosed with Lyme disease. The actress made the announcement on Instagram with a throwback photo to her childhood. She asked fans for advice and to share their experiences. Read more now.
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Amy Schumer Buys Mattress For Store Employee

Have you ever been on a run or been out and about and had to desperately use the bathroom? It happens to celebrities too! No they don't carry a portable toilet with them. Amy Schumer was out for a run when she had to use the bathroom. She decided to stop into a mattress store in Chicago but not...
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