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Prince's Alleged Ex-Drug Dealer Speaks

A man who has claimed to be Prince’s former drug dealer says that he thinks the singer knew exactly what pills he was taking when he died back in April.  According to The Daily Mail, the dealer -- who calls himself Doctor D, said that Prince would often buy powerful opiates concealed in mislabeled bottles in order to hide his addiction.

Doctor D said that Prince may not have intentionally overdosed but he knew the contents on the drugs. He explained,  "The mix of hydrocodone and fentanyl is not something that happens by mistake, it's a combination that a dealer can make up for his client. Hydrocodone is Vicodin and it's nowhere near as powerful as fentanyl, it won't do jack sh*t on its own. Prince will have been aware of the mix. If there was a pill with fentanyl in it then he had to have had it made up and he knew 100%. It would have been a special recipe, you can only get fentanyl in a patch or powder so someone will have had to have made the pills up for him."

He added: "There's no way he overdosed on purpose, yes he may have taken too much by mistake but there's got to be a reason behind it. Maybe he wasn't used to taking fentanyl in pill form, I used to see him sometimes lick the stuff off the patch and I've seen him smoke it. Or maybe the dealer put too much fentanyl in each pill, it's difficult to know, but I'm convinced Prince knew he was taking fentanyl because it's a drug he has used many many times before."