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Eric Powers

M-F 2pm-6pm

Born and raised in Seattle and self-proclaimed "Mayor of Lake City." As an 80’s teenager with a burning passion for music and radio, Eric started a pirate station. His initiative opened the doors to Nathan Hale High School's radio program KNHC/C-89FM which launched his career.

  • 1988-1991    KNHC/C-89FM host and student PD
  • 1991-1992    KNDD - One of The End's very first hosts
  • 1992-2016    KUBE - Afternoon host
  • 2007-2016    KUBE PD
  • 2009-2014    KBKS PD
  • 2010-2017    Westwood One National Hot AC Voice
  • 2017              HOT 103.7 Program Director/Afternoons

Listen to Eric Powers in the afternoons on HOT 103.7 from 2pm-6pm every weekday!

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