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What a MESS!

Ok, I just cleaned up my daughters room (ok, maybe her mom did) an hour ago and it looks like this. It's been 11 years of a room that has been clean for about 10% of the time drives me crazy, nuts, out-of-my-mind...maybe I just need to get over it and let her room turn into the city dump. I do...
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Keeping your kids busy on the weekend

As parents we are always trying to keep our kids busy but we don't want to feel guilty about it...meaning sit them in front of screen for hours. I've found an amazing spot that allows your kids to be creative, get them out of the house and have FUN! It's these paint and play spots. You (your child...
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Do you ever YELL at Alexa?

I have recently found myself coming home everynight trying to unwind, relax and then using a raised voice to get my kids to bed only to lower my voice to talk to my wife and then just plain YELL at my Alexa. This is not something I'm proud of but what I like is that she (Alexa) never gets yells...
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Need A Job? Amazon Is Hiring 3,000 New Employees

Amazon is looking to beef up their work force. Need a job? Best part about this gig is no traffic headache. The company is hiring 3,000 remote customer service peeps throughout the country including here in Washington state. According to the job description, they’re looking for candidates who “...
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Wear dem UGGS

Uggs are always cool

I admit it ...I wore UGGS to work yesterday..I figure if Lil Wayne can rock 'em why can't I do it. Well, apparently I'm mot Lil Wayne or Tom Brady. I get the fact they're not made for snow but they do keep your feet warm and are very cozy. I got some really strange looks and some folks gave me the...
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Best Hill

Keeping your kids busy on SNOW DAYS!

I found the best spot to take the kids cars, no trees (in the way) and no cement roads. A cool spot at the end of Lake City at an old golf course that closed down. Not sure I want to give the exact location cause then it won't be so secret anymore. Do you have the perfect spot to sled?
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Live Stream Coachella In The Comfort Of Your Living Room!

My definition of a sucker? The people who shelled out $25,000 for Coachella VIP passes. I know what you’re thinking. Do they REALLY cost THAT much? Dunno. Gotta be close that that, though. I know your follow up question. Why are they suckers? Allow me to answer your question with one of my own...
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Stand Up, Speak Out Against Sexual Abuse!

HOT has the utmost respect for those who have come forward to stand up and speak out against their sexual abusers. Time named these “Silence Breakers” 2017’s “Person of the Year.” As said by Time’s editor-in-chief, “This is the fastest moving social change we’ve seen in decades, and it began by...
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Trailer For Dave Chapelle Netflix Stand-Up Special

Unfortunately, we'll (most likely) never see a revival of the greatest Comedy Central show of all time, Chapelle Show. Fortunately, the show holds up super well. It's just as funny today as it was when I was in High School. AND... Dave is still touring the country doing stand-up! The trailer...
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Kid Asks Girl To Prom With A Box Of Chicken Wings

Some girls like flowers and chocolates. Some girls like chicken wings! I'll take the girl who likes chicken wings over everything. This dude knew those hot, crispy bites of poultry goodness were this little lady's kryptonite and he used that knowledge to his advantage with his promposal. Well done...
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