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Music Industry Plans to Pause to 'Disconnect From Work and Reconnect' with Community

Using the hashtag #TheShowMustBePaused, labels and other industry services are planning a media blackout on Tuesday, June 2nd, and call for “a day to disconnect from work and reconnect with our community.”
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This is the first episode of 'Bre's Real Talk!' It covers Bre's crazy move to Seattle and how she almost died! Alek from her sister station on 100.7 The Wolf joins her as he also shares his horrible move!

Get to know Bre more and more every week!

Cat Time


I need a cat interpreter to help me understand what my cat is thinking while I watch "Peaky Blinders" on Netflix. He (the Cat, named "Prince") will watch me for hours OR stare at the wall for days. What's going on in that judgemental mind? Is he mad? Is he sad? Is he drifting into space? I'm...
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Did you vote yet?

Get out and VOTE! Let your voice be heard. Every vote matters! Sometimes elections pass by 1 vote...that could be YOU! The Mayor of Lake City Eric Powers
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Fun Night!

Sold out Party at Clearwater Casino with Sir Mix-A-Lot, Tone Loc, Bre, Tanch and myself on Friday Night was a ton of FUN! We got to hang with some amazing Hot Listeners ...thanks for making it an incredible night. Let's do again with Comedy Jam starring Nate Jackson and Warren G on Nov 17th.
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Best 2019 Halloween Costume

If you are looking for an easy adult Halloween costune I've found make-up, no expensive costume, no real work and easy to wear. Your kids will love it and your friends will make fun of you. Make sure and wear can get a little musty.
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20-Year-Old From Florida Has Eaten Nothing But Mac & Cheese For 17 Years [VIDEO]

In honor of National Pasta Day, meet 20-year-old Austin Davis, who has eaten nothing but mac and cheese for the past 17 years. Austin isn’t just a picky eater. It turns out he has a legitimate disorder that, frankly, sounds crippling to a young person’s health and social life. As you’ll see in the...
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Mary J. Blige In Concert - Las Vegas, NV

Mary J. Blige is giving us Herstory, Vol. 1

If you're a fan of Mary J Blige like I am, you'll be happy to know that the queen of hip hip soul is boxing up her greatest hits, HERstory Vol. 1 , just in time for the holidays! The box set will include rare remixes with Jay Z and Notorious B.I.G. as well as some of Mary's greatest hits throughout...
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I need a Halloween Costume idea?

I need some help for Halloween...My kids have already picked out their costumes (in fact I already purchased them) but I need to figure out what I'm going to be. What about ..."The Joker" or "Baby Shark"? Top 5 Adult Costumes for 2019 so far.... #5 Willy Wonka #4 Bill & Ted #3 Baby Shark #2...
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Commercial Free Friday Powered by

I'm happy to say this Friday we'll have sunshine and a high of 65 (October in Seattle??)! It gets even're going to get 100% Throwbacks - 100% Commercial Free All ...Day.... Long. No radio station in Seattle or Tacoma hook you up like that! Get into the weekend vibe early with...
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