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Beat The Seattle & Tacoma Heat

Ways to stay cool in the Heatwave hitting the PNW: 1. Make sure before you leave your house to close the blinds to block sun rays coming in which can reduce the temp by 10 degrees. 2. Crack the window and put a fan facing outside to draw the hot air out of the house to keep your pad cool. 3. I like... Read More

Another Spice Girls Movie In The Works

Four of the five Spice Girls are reunited at the moment for a sold stadium tour in Europe. They seem like they are on a role again with the news breaking about them getting another movie deal. Today it has been confirmed that all five, yes including Victoria, will be joining forces again for an... Read More

9 Year Old throws a 51 mph Fastball

Our Season came to an end yesterday for my 9 year old son and his amazing Farm Team - My son got to close out the game pitching and he was bringing some heat, we clocked him at 51 MPH. It's a dead giveaway when he's about to throw a fastball...his tongue hangs out. Read More

Lance Bass Is Saying Once Again NSYNC Might Reunite

Once again, 'NSYNC is in the headlines about a possible reunion. Honestly, they need to quit talking about it and just to do it already. Lance Bass confirmed 'NSYNC will sit down this summer and discuss a potential reunion. He said the group has received a lot of offers following their mini reunion... Read More

As Mall Floods, A Band Plays 'Titanic' Song [Video]

A band playing at a mall in Mexico was on it when the mall started to flood due to a leak from a storm. You'll see the band play 'My Heart Will Go On' by Celine Dion, from 1997's 'Titanic.' Video of Band starts playing Titanic’s music theme once Flooding occurs in a Mall Read More
Rihanna surprises her fans at the opening of the FENTY Pop Up Store

Rihanna Offers Update on Her New Album: 'I Want It Out'

During a new conversation with actress Sarah Paulson for Interview Magazine , Rihanna has dropped new information about her upcoming 9th album. The musician and mogul tells her Ocean's 8 co-star that she's taking her time to get it right, with her schedule being her biggest obstacle. "I used to be... Read More

Usher Got A Huge New Tattoo On His Head [PIC]

Look at that thing! Wowee! My guy went all in on this bad boy. Word on the street is there’s a pretty fantastic back-story about the significance of the design but that’s what Google is for so search away if you’re interested. This blog merely exists for you to marvel at the fact that Usher decided... Read More

What Is The Armrest Etiquette On An Airplane?

A huge discussion about who gets the armrest if you're sitting in the middle seat on airplane broke out on twitter the other day and now it has people divided. 47% say yes while 53% say absolutely not. Here are some other reactions... Not if they're sitting next to me, that's for sure. — Ross... Read More

Geto Boys' Bushwick Bill Dead at 52

News broke Sunday that Geto Boys' member Bushwick Bill had passed away due to pancreatic cancer. TMZ stated that he passed away in Houston and his last words to his son was, "I will love you forever." The confirmation comes after Bill’s family and friends publicly denied initial reports Bill had... Read More