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WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Brings "Mean Tweets" to the Oscars and We Can't Stop Laughing

By: Joe Hyer

February 27, 2017

We love when Jimmy Kimmel does a "Mean Tweets" segment on his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!. So we were super excited that Kimmel didn't pass up an opportunity to have celebrities read mean tweets about themselves during last night's Oscar awards.

The Oscar edition of "Mean Tweets" did not disappoint in terms of star power. Samuel L. Jackson, Ryan Gossling, Whoopi Goldberg, Emma Stone Robert Deniro (and more) all read burns that had been written about them on Twitter for Sunday's segment.  

Yes, it proved to be hilariously funny. 

Maybe we should all be like Whoopi Goldberg the next time we get into a Facebook fight or Twitter war with a friend? Whoopi read a tweet that compared her physical appearance to armpit hair, but she seemed generally unimpressed with the tweet that she had just read. "Really? That's it?" Whoopi asked.