WATCH: Gnarly Davidson is the Anti-Hero We Need... And Famous

By: Kyle McCann

February 13, 2017

Remember that viral video from a while back showing a cell phone exploding in Cee Lo Green's face as he was in the studio? It made its rounds around the same time one phone-maker in particular was dealing with its phones catching fire -- so it seemed pretty possible, right?

Well, who knew that what we were really watching was just Cee Lo Green keeping us all on our toes. Thoughts and prayers flooded the internet as this really tragic thing had happened... or did it?

And then we realized that something wasn't quite adding up... and just about that time, well, that's when we met Gnarly Davidson.

Of course, Gnarly Davidson's first single, "F*** Me , I'm Famous" is a pretty solid jam, not gonna lie. Watch the NSFW video below and decide for yourself.

Then came the Grammy's, and not to be confused with a man-sized Ferrero Rocher, Cee Lo Green, er, Gnarly Davidson went from black to gold... and damn near broke the internet! Check out a few of the funniest Gnarly Davidson memes and more from the show.