Yo! MTV Raps launched today - August 6, 1988

Today in Hip Hop History

August 6, 2019
Today in Hip Hop - August 6, 1988

Nicholas Hunt / Staff

Today in Hip Hop History

Do you remember "Yo! MTV Raps"? The show launched on this day - August 6, 1988. It debuted on MTV with host Fab 5 Freddy, then later Doctor Dre and Ed Lover.

The first episode featured DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince (hey, Will Smith) and the very first video to air on the show, was Eric B & Rakim's video "Follow the Leader".

Thirty-one years ago, hip hop music was nowhere near as mainstream as it is today. It's safe to say, "Yo! MTV Raps" gave rap music and hip hop culture a platform which eventually, helped introduce the genre to the world.


Check out the first episode here. It's a little blurry but hey, it was 1988.