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Bloopers From 'Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood' - Flashback Friday [VIDEO]

It’s fair to assume celebrities aren’t the same person in private that they appear to be when the spotlight is on. Take Mr. Rogers, for example. Behind the scenes he was poppin’ bottles and cussing like a sailor, right? I don’t think so. Even the blooper reel from ‘Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood’ shows... Read More

M&M's Releasing New Fudge Brownie Flavor

Stores seem to place Halloween candy displays front and center earlier and earlier these days and since we’re in August, they should be showing up within the next few weeks. My candy tastes are non-traditional to say the least. I typically prefer fruity sweets like Skittles, Starburst or Hi-Chews... Read More

'Old Town Road' Remix With Lil Wayne Leaks Online [AUDIO]

Lil Nas X struck gold with ‘Old Town Road.’ The song is set to break the record for longest-running number one in the history of the Billboard Hot 100 chart and a new remix might help keep it in the top spot a while longer. The version most people know with Billy Ray Cyrus is itself a remix. The... Read More

Jamie Foxx Does An Incredible Impression Of Dave Chappelle [WATCH]

There’s a new debate on twitter: Who’s more talented – Jamie Foxx or Donald Glover? It’s senseless. Kinda like comparing apples to apples, in my opinion. Perhaps that’s what makes the debate so interesting. The fact their careers are so similar. Check out the tale of the tape: Both stand-up... Read More

Jadakiss's Pizza Order Is OUTRAGEOUS! [PIC]

New Yorkers are very particular about their pizza. For starters, you have to fold your slice. It’s not up for debate… unless you’re Jadakiss. The problem is, there’s nothing TO fold for Jada’s go-to order. You thought pineapple on pizza was bad? Apparently he orders crust only. What in the…? This... Read More