Why You Should Always Read The Description When Shopping On Amazon

The Fine Print Strikes Again

May 25, 2017

It's always important to read the fine print, description, etc. whenever you're online shopping.  Even if it's from a reliable website like Amazon!  I can sort-of-kind-of relate to what happened to "@B_is_4Bombshell."  Many years ago, I ordered a dope Ed Hardy hoodie (don't judge me, it was cool back then) from a site that seemed legit.  The size I ordered was XXL.  Well, turns out the company I was buying from was in Japan.  In case you haven't noticed most Japanese people tend to be quite svelt in comparison to the average hefty American.  THEIR men's XXL was barely big enough to keep a large dog warm on a cold winter night.  I ended up giving it to the girl I was dating at the time (who wore a women's medium - and the hoodie was still a little snug on her).

At least I was able to re-gift the hoodie to a human being.  This poor girl has to re-gift her purchase to a Barbie.