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What's Your Favorite Drunk Munchie Food?


March 26, 2019

After a night full of drinks and laughs with the squad it’s a good idea to soak up the booze in your belly with some late night eats if you don’t want a hangover in the morning.  And water.  Lots and lots of water.  According to research, the average person gets the drunk munchies four times per month.  Sounds about right! 

If I’m looking for a place to sit down and eat after a late night out I usually hit up 13 Coins or Beth’s.  If you’re trying to stuff your face and get your butt to bed ASAP there’s always Taco Bell or Jack In The Box drive-thru or, old reliable, 7eleven.  So what are we ordering?

This study revealed number one on most peoples’ drunk munchies list is pizza.  Chips and dip, french fries, nachos and tacos rounded out the top 5. 

I posted that question on our Facebook page for Monday’s at-work poll.  Check out some of the responses.