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Have You Heard Of 8D Audio?

It's kinda wild...

February 8, 2019

I first heard of 8D audio in late 2018 but wasn’t curious enough to check it out until earlier this week.  8D stands for 8 direction, because the audio sounds like it’s coming from (drumroll please) 8 different directions.  There’s a bit of vocal distortion, filter and echo while the audio pans left to right sporadically.  It’s designed to be listened to with headphones only. 

After listening to 15 tracks or so, I’m not sure if I love it or hate it.  The three thoughts that hit me every time I listen to a song in 8D are consistent…

  1. I feel like I’m on acid.
  2. It sounds like there’s a concert happening in my eardrums.
  3. I think I’m having a panic attack.

Here are 3 songs we play on HOT if you want to experience it for yourself.  Remember, HEADPHONES ON!