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Watch Rihanna Sing Karaoke To 'The Boy is Mine' [VIDEO]

April 4, 2019

Karaoke is a much bigger deal in the Seattle area than where I’m from in upstate NY.  I would say, rough estimate, 80% of the bars around town have at least one karaoke night throughout the week.  I prefer to reserve my singing talents for those lucky enough to ride shotgun with me on long road trips but I love being a spectator.  Such a mixed bag.  You can go from a group of bros spitting Busta Rhymes joints one minute to a West Seattle song bird nailing a Kelly Clarkson ballad the next. 

It’s not just us common folk who enjoy karaoke.  Bonafide superstars like to belt out a cover of their favorite jams with their friends too.  One of those stars is Rihanna.  She held a karaoke party for those involved with her Fenty Beauty brand and she didn’t limit herself to her own library.  She branched out and sang a favorite amongst our HOT listeners, Brandy and Monica’s ‘The Boy is Mine.’  Check out the clip!