Video Of Drone Crashing Into Space Needle


January 17, 2017

The Space Needle is probably the dopest tourist trap in the United States.  When your friends from out of town come to visit, you take them there and spend a stupid amount of money for a couple of cool Instagram pics.  If it sounds like I'm being harsh, I'm not.  I genuinely enjoy visiting the needle and I think everyone should experience it once, twice, hell, even ten times.  Also, it's the MVP of our beauty queen of a skyline.  With that being said, a piece of advice... It is worth the money to enjoy the needle how it was intended to be enjoyed.  Some dude decided he would get a better view of this fantastic landmark by flying his drone (very poorly) around Seattle Center before crashing into the Space Needle, likely scaring the pants off any workers or visitors who happened to catch a glimpse of this hunk of metal whizzing towards them.

Although this footage was just released, the incident happened while crews were setting up for the city's New Year's celebration.