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Trailer For Netflix Hip Hop Competition Show 'Rhythm + Flow' [VIDEO]

September 25, 2019

Netflix is flirting with the idea of moving away from dumping full seasons of their shows at once.  It’s kind of a bummer for binge-watchers like me but, hey, if the show is great?  Then it’ll be worth looking forward to every week and all will be forgiven.  One of the shows releasing in the weekly format is the new hip hop competition series, Rhythm + Flow.

The show’s contestants will have to impress the 3 judges, Chance The Rapper, T.I. and Cardi B.  First episode drops October 9th and will wrap up with the finale on October 23rd (yes, it’s only 3 episodes).  The trailer is NSFW, which is awesome because I assume that means the show is uncensored.  Great news!  Doing a true hip hop competition series without profanity would just be pointless, in my opinion.