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T.I. Lists Who He Thinks Are The Top 50 Greatest Rappers [PIC]

October 10, 2019

Jordan or Lebron?  MJ or Prince?  Whitney or Mariah?  The Rock or Stone Cold?  Arguing what or who is the “best” at anything is fun, but pointless.  Opinions are like armpits – everyone has them.  Saying someone or something is the best is just that, an opinion.  Some peoples’ opinions carry a little more weight, though. 

For example:  Greatest rappers of all time.  I love hip hop but my opinion doesn’t count for diddly squat compared to T.I.’s.  Tip had some free time on his hands and decided to list his top 50 rappers.  You’re welcome to agree or disagree but regardless it’s a very solid list.  Also, bonus points for actually writing the list out with pen and paper.  Now that’s old school.

P.S.  Putting yourself high on the list, but (just barely) outside of the top 10?  Very humble.

@theshaderoom @balleralert THIS IS THE FINAL LIST #ExpediTIously created‼️ IF Y’ALL AINT HEAR THE WHOLE EPISODE YOU SPEAKING LOUD,OUT OF TURN AND WRONG AS A MUUUUUFUCKA----‍♂️. Now while IDGAF WHAT NUMBER I AM... (Music doesn’t validate ME or MY EXISTENCE,u can Put me at 51 if u like...MY LIFE AINT GON CHANGE!!!)Y’all can feel free to go back and forth with acts of futility about OPINIONS all you like. I’ll be doing something different & progressive...✌-- Oh...& we framed it for y’all to win... How to enter the giveaway: Just Leave a review on the expediTIously Apple Podcasts page and include your social handle #BeEazy--

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