Tanch's Cinco Favorite Places To Grab A Margarita On Cinco De Mayo!


May 3, 2017

I like booze, so it should come as no surprise that my favorite holidays tend to be the ones that encourage copious amounts of alcoholic beverages, i.e. St. Patrick’s Day, 4th of July and, of course, Cinco De Mayo, baby!  Nothing enhances a beautiful Seattle day like a couple of tacos and a delicious Margarita. 

Everyone imagines their personal heaven differently.  My heaven is simple, yet divine.  Me… Butt naked... Lounging on a beach somewhere… With a GIANT, kiddie-pool sized margarita… And a straw… On second thought, screw the straw.  I’m diving in head first.

When it comes to margarita or any booze consumption, I’m far from an expert but I like to think I know the difference between a pre-mixed garbage juice cocktail and a truly delicious adult beverage.  Looking to grab a marg’ on Cinco De Mayo?  Here are my cinco favorite places to grab one in the Seattle area.

The Saint

  • If you’re a tequila lover, you’ve been to or at least heard of The Saint.  Even if you’re not a tequila lover, or even liker, there’s a good chance The Saint has something behind the bar that might convert you. With that being said, it should come as no surprise that their margaritas are yum times 10.


  • Barrio is probably my favorite Happy Hour spot on Cap Hill.  The Happy Hour prices are STUPID cheap, and the nachos are freakin’ bomb!  Oh yeah, this blog is about margaritas… Those are great too.  To be honest, in my experience, I haven’t found the bartenders to be overly warm or friendly here which is kind of a drag.  The food and drink are so good that they keep me coming back, though.

El Chupacabra (Alki)

  • Location definitely plays a big part as to why El Chupacabra is on my list.  This place just screams, “ME!”  I love everything about it.  The Alki beach location, the fact that there’s outdoor seating, the dark/dia de los muertos-type of vibe inside, solid food (love the chimichangas), the friendly staff and, of course, the drannnkkks!  They have a ton of margaritas to choose from.  Whether you’re looking for something sweet, spicy or traditional, they got ya covered.

Red Star Taco Bar (slushies)

  • On a hot day, THIS is the place to be.  The margarita slushies are absolutely spectacular and they offer almost every flavor you could imagine.  The peach is my favorite.  I haven’t tried their food, or anything else on the drink menu for that matter.  That’s how good the marg slushies are.  That’s what I go there for.

El Matador (West Seattle)

  • If you’re going out with friends who don’t mind Mexican food, but don’t love it either, bring them to El Matador.  Not to compare it to Taco Bell quality-wise, but the menu has that same sort of mass appeal feel to it.  I’m extremely lucky to have the West Seattle location a few blocks from my apartment.  I can walk over, down a Cadillac Margarita (or 10) and walk home safely without the hassle of calling a lyft or uber.  The bartenders at this location are super cool and the atmosphere is chill as hell.

So there ya go!  What are some of your favorite places to grab a margarita in the Seattle area?  Leave a comment below!

P.S.  After you’re done downing margs on Cinco De Mayo, keep the party going all weekend long!  On Saturday, our sister station 107.7 The End is going to be rocking it at Volunteer Park.  Don’t miss the Fiesta 5k Ole and the Taco Truck Challenge!