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Seahawks 2019 Preseason Schedule Announced

April 10, 2019

The NFL offseason is even more exciting from a headline standpoint than the regular season itself.  So much movin’ and shakin’.  More drama than Days of our Lives.  You’ve got free agency, trades, staff and ownership changes etc.  Then of course there’s the draft. 

The Hawks have the 21st pick in the draft on the 25th.  Despite what sports networks would lead you to believe by cramming 20 hours of mock draft programming down our throats every day, it’s nearly impossible to predict who anyone is going to draft outside of the first 5 or so picks. Who knows which direction they’ll go.  O-line?  Pick someone close to home from U Dub or the Cougs?  Trade the pick?  QB as insurance in case Russ decides to pack his bags for NY?  Regardless of who they go with, now we know when that lucky gentleman will get his first taste of professional football as the Hawks’ preseason schedule has been announced.

Week 1:  August 8-11 vs. Denver Broncos

Week 2:  August 18 at Minnesota Vikings

Week 3:  August 22-25 at Los Angeles Chargers

Week 4:  August 29th vs. Oakland Raiders

All preseason games will air on Q13.  Thankfully the Mariners are off to a ridiculously hot start so it looks like they’ll help keep our minds off football (mostly) until August.  Go Hawks!