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The Rumors Are True - Toni Braxton IS Engaged To Birdman

Un-Break Her Heart!

February 20, 2018

You know that old saying about birds.  “The air is crowded with birds.  Beautiful, tender, intelligent birds to whom life is a song.”  What, you DON’T know that old saying?  Right.  Neither do I.  I googled “quotes about birds” and that one came up.  It was written by man named George Henry Lewes.  Yeah, don’t know who that is so I had to google him too.  Turns out he’s an English philosopher and critic of literature and theater who died in 1878. 

I still have no idea what that quote is supposed to mean but based on George’s wiki page, he’s a really smart guy, so you probably don’t get it either.  Don’t sweat it, champ.  It’s not that we’re dumb people, it’s just that not everyone can be a philosopher and wordsmith. 

Oh yeah, back to birds.  Toni Braxton is engaged to one.  A BirdMAN, that is.  We got our first glimpse at her ring in the trailer for the upcoming season of Braxton Family Values. 

People on social media are being a bunch of poo talkers, talkin’ that poo poo smack about the pair.  She can do better, what an odd couple, yadda yadda yadda.  Listen, you don’t have to like that they’re getting hitched, but you better RESPECK IT!  Congrats you two.