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Public Punching Bags Are All Over NYC - Great or Terrible Idea? [PICS]

May 30, 2019

Let’s chalk this up as a great idea that will probably end poorly.  A design studio based out of Georgia has set up a handful of “Public Punching Bags” around Manhattan to help pedestrians release their frustrations.  If you’ve ever walked the streets of NYC, you know 99% of those frustrations stem from slow walkers.

The bags have a public safety warning that I’m sure people will (not) take into consideration saying “use at your own risk – a healthy place for frustrations.”  Good thing the bags are yellow because as a native New Yorker I can confidently say these will absolutely become public urinals for drunks, druggies and bums.  Use at your own risk, indeed.

a public amenity that catered to emotions | nyc design week (may 15 -21, 2019) #nycdesignweek

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