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Nick Cannon Wanted To Fight Eminem Because Of Mariah Diss [VIDEO]

September 26, 2019

Eminem has made a career out of throwing heat seeking disses at celebrities in his rhymes.  One of his frequent targets is Mariah Carey.  Maybe they did “it,” maybe they didn’t.  Depends who you ask I suppose.  If you believe anything Em has said in his rhymes about her, oh boy did they.  He even dedicated an entire track to throwing shade at Mimi called “The Warning.”  Ya know who didn’t particularly like this record?  The man Mariah was married to at the time, Nick Cannon.

Nick addressed the track on T.I.’s podcast, “ExpedITously.”  Nick says he wanted to give Em a big ol’ knuckle sandwich.  “I went looking for him.  I called managers.  I gotta show my wife I’m a man!”  Come on, Nicholas.  Fisticuffs were not needed to prove this point.  You made twin babies with her.  Pretty sure she KNOWS you’re a man.  That’s how pregnancy works, homie.  Check out the full clip below.