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Missy Elliott's Dog Dresses Better Than Me

Hoodie's Swag Is A+

February 6, 2018

Missy Elliott is a fashion icon.  Believe me.  I’m the proud owner of a Kohl’s AND JC Penney charge card.  I KNOW FASHION, mm’k?  Name someone other than Missy who’s worn a trash bag in a music video and made it look cool.  Take your time.  I’ll wait.

Well imagine my surprise (or lack thereof) when I discovered earlier this week that Missy’s sense of style was passed on to her fur baby.  Missy has been posting pics of her pooch “Hoodie” on IG for months.  I’m not great with dog breeds, but Hoodie is one of those pups that look like a teddy bear with a pulse.  Missy has decided owning a cute dog isn’t good enough for her.  She has her dog decked out in Gucci.  Look at that dog.  Does it look like he’s judging me for being a JC Penney’s charge card holder?  Yes.  Yes it does.