Frazer Harrison / Staff - GetyImages

Magic Johnson Tweets List Of Top 60 Hip Hop Artists [PIC]

August 15, 2019

In celebration of his 60th birthday, Magic Johnson has been releasing Top 60 lists of his favorite things – films, hip hop artists, athletes turned entrepreneurs, for example.  The only problem is he probably should’ve added “in no particular order” to the title.

It’s pretty obvious to anyone with functioning eyes that he gives up after the first few before completing the list in alphabetical order.  Give him a break, guys.  The man is 60 and he has 237 jobs.  He doesn’t have time to dilly dally with these lists.  With that said, in the case of his top hip hop artists list, it’s fair to say Pac, Biggie, LL and Run DMC are his favorites followed by 56 others that are… fine?