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Live Stream Coachella In The Comfort Of Your Living Room!

You got the best seat in the house - your couch!

April 10, 2018

My definition of a sucker?  The people who shelled out $25,000 for Coachella VIP passes.  I know what you’re thinking.  Do they REALLY cost THAT much?  Dunno.  Gotta be close that that, though. 

I know your follow up question.  Why are they suckers?  Allow me to answer your question with one of my own.  Have you ever been to a festival?  They’re disgusting.  Your bed is mud, your food is whatever bug you find crawling in your eardrum while you sleep, your water is vodka and your shower is a bottle of Aquafina with three holes poked in it.  Sure, it’s not all bad.  You get to meet a bunch of wild maniacs that you’ll never interact with again other than double tapping their IG photos, the line-up of bands is insane and, if you play your cards right, you’ll have memories that last a lifetime that don’t involve a hospital visit.

Let’s go back to the VIP pass thing.  If you’re shelling out thousands of dollars for a laminate, I assume you’re granted certain luxuries.  Luxuries that grant you immunity from the things I labeled as disgusting downsides in the previous paragraph.  But ya know what?  Even if YOU are clean, most everyone else around you is still a stinky poo.  That’s what makes it even worse.  When you yourself are also filthy and rank, you build up a tolerance to the noxious air surrounding your senses.  You might as well pretend like you don’t have a trust fund and roll around in the dirt with the commoners. 

Does all this sound like fun to you?  If so you must be like 22 or something.  22-year-old me actually thinks it sounds pretty rad too so I’m not judging.  The fact is, I’m 32 and the first weekend of Coachella is streaming on YouTube.  Better audio quality.  Better view of the acts.  Better seating (couch… with a freakin’ chaise, no less).  Better food (Uber eats).  Shower. 

Can’t wait to see Beyonce and her 1,876 back-up dancers all snug as a bug in a rug under my favorite blanket.

Mic drop.

Watch Coachella 2018 live performances and more on yt.be/coachella + this year, check out our 4th always-on VR180 channel.

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