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Listen To Will Smith + DJ Khaled's 'Friend Like Me' Remake From 'Aladdin' Soundtrack

May 23, 2019

Disney’s “Aladdin” live-action remake starring Will Smith hits theaters this weekend.  It’s been receiving mixed reviews and sits at a 54 Metacritic score as I’m writing this.  Most critics have found some positive aspects to highlight but the general consensus is it’s a carbon copy re-creation, which is a bit disappointing.  The reaction to Will Smith’s version of the Genie, originally played by Robin Williams, seems to be fairly warm, though.

One of the most popular songs from the original in 1992 was “Friend Like Me.”  Will put his own spin on the song for the new version with the help of DJ Khaled (“anutha wun”).  Check out the hip hop remake below (there's a non-hip hop version in the film too, btw):