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KFC Testing A Cheetos Chicken Sandwich

Chester + The Colonel = Dream Team?

January 31, 2019

I once had a friend who tried to convince me that Cheetos are chips.  Needless to say, we aren’t friends anymore.  What a lunatic.  That’s like calling a pretzel a chip.  Chips are chips.  Cheetos are Cheetos.  Simply referring to them as a “snack” is acceptable. 

If I had to pick between a bowl full of Cheetos or chips, I’m going Cheetos.  The main reason why they reign supreme in my book is they’re a perfect treat on their own.  Chips are better with dip.  Chips are better on a sandwich.  Cheetos are a lone wolf.  I guess KFC didn’t get the message.

The Colonel is testing a new Cheetos Chicken Sandwich in North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia.  In between the buns ya got an extra crispy chicken filet, mayo, special Cheetos sauce and, you guessed it, Cheetos!  If it tests well they’ll roll it out to other markets.  Or I guess you could just get an extra crispy chicken sandwich and throw your own Cheetos on there.  Don’t know why you would.  But you can.  This is America, after all.