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Kanye West And His Dad Celebrated Beating Cancer By Eating Bugs

What even are those things?

October 3, 2018

There's no chance Kanye West and I have anything in common, right?  He’s from Chicago.  I’m from New Jersey.  He’s married to Kim Kardashian.  I’m single and talk to my teddy bear.  Turns out Ye and I, surprisingly, have at least TWO things in common.

My father, along with Kanye’s pops (Ray) both beat prostate cancer.  That’s one thing.  In addition, we’ve both eaten bugs!  I ate grasshoppers at Safeco.  Kanye ate the things Kevin Bacon killed in Tremors.  Look at those goblins in the pic.  Landlords charge bugs that size rent.  Props to the Wests for their culinary bravery.

Our two commonalities stem from the cancer thing.  Ye and Ray actually ate the bugs in celebration of Ray beating said cancer.  “No more fear.”  I kinda like that.  Congrats, Ray!