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From Hard Seltzer To The New Sparkling Drink Trend - Sparkling Tequila [PICS]

August 22, 2019

A hard seltzer buzz might make you feel invincible but the truth is - there are indeed laws when drinking Claws.  Hard seltzer is all the rage right now and rightfully so.  They’re delicious and refreshing.  Perfect for a summer day.  White Claw and Truly are the most popular but other alcohol companies are entering the ring.  Four Loko, for example, are releasing their own hard seltzer drinks that are roughly a billion percent alcohol.  So aside from gassing up sparkling flavored water, what’s next?  Sparkling liquor.

An LA company called Pure Azul is releasing a sparkling tequila called Azulana.  The launch flavors include original, lime and pineapple rosemary.  Despite the fact we’re talkin’ tequila, the ABV is lower than Truly and White Claw (5.0%) at 4.3%.  They also contain more calories with 145 per can compared to 100 for Truly’s and Claws.  I couldn’t see myself crushing a 6-pack while watching the game but sounds like they might pair well with a few tacos on the patio.

We put sparkling water and luxury agave azul tequila in a nice little can for you—which is the next best thing to filling up your entire pool with it.

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¡ORIGINAL! (lightly sweetened with agave syrup)

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¡PINEAPPLE ROSEMARY! (an authentic Mexican flavor combo)

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