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Hip Hop In Video Games - Jermaine Dupri & Q-Tip In Knockout Kings 2000 [VIDEO]

October 23, 2019

In round 2 (pun intended) of my “Hip Hop in Video Games” blog series we’re knockin’ the dust off the EA Sports classic, Knockout Kings 2000.  I would spend entire weekends playing this game on my N64 back in the day.  It’s one of the first games I can remember where you could create yourself and get the feeling of what it’s like to be a pro boxer by playing through career mode.  Beating legends like Muhammad Ali was an adrenaline rush for 8th grade me. 

The game didn’t just feature pros and legends like Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard.  There were also a handful of secret characters and they were random… as… hell… NBA All-Star Tim Duncan?  Sure, why not.  Marc Ecko (from the clothing line)?  Uh, ok.  Marlon Wayans?  Yup, sign me up.  The two names responsible for this blog’s existence?  Jermaine Dupri and Q-Tip.  You read that right.  Out of all the rappers who were hot in 1999, the game designers chose to include JD and Q-Tip.  I’m actually not even mad at it.  Beating the crap out of Oscar De La Hoya with the guy responsible for “Money Ain’t a Thang” is hysterical, to be honest.