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Heinz Cadbury Creme Egg Flavored Mayo - Hell Yeah or Hell Nah?

It's a no for me, dawg

April 18, 2019

There are plenty of foods and flavors that some people enjoy and others despise.  Different strokes for different folks.  Cilantro.  Anchovies.  Blue cheese.  Olives.  Black licorice.  Mushrooms.  You get the picture.  Is it fair to judge those who enjoy the aforementioned just because you, personally, can’t stand em’?  Nay, sir.  Nay.    Is it ok to judge someone for even dipping a spoon or butter knife into the new monstrosity concocted by the folks at Heinz?  You better believe it, pal!

Ladies and gentleman, introducing Heinz Cadbury Crème Egg [Seriously> Good Mayo.  Don’t stare at it for too long.  Best case scenario you’ll gain 22 pounds.  Worst case you’ll be infected with type 2 diabetes.  BARF!