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Foxy Brown Got Booed Off Stage Over The Weekend - YIKES! [VIDEO]

May 20, 2019

I bet you had a better weekend than Foxy Brown.  As a matter of fact, outside of learning of a loved one’s passing, I GUARANTEE you had a better weekend than Foxy Brown.  She joined Kandi Burruss on stage to “perform.”  Note that perform is in quotes because that was the intention, not the result.

I can’t quite put my finger on what happened here.  I mean, it’s pretty obvious she forgot the words to her own song but was she lit?  Old age catching up?  Technical issues?  Any way ya look at it, it wasn’t pretty and the crowd showed their appreciation by booing her into oblivion.

The DJ then threw salt on the wound in the most savage way.  The first song he dropped after the disaster was a LIL KIM record.  Big time yikes!  Jesus man, the body wasn’t even cold yet.  RIP!